Arafmi was founded in 1974 as the ‘Association of Relatives And Friends of the Mentally Ill’ and became ‘Mental Health Carers Arafmi NSW Inc.’ in 2009. (The original name did not support hope of ‘recovery’ and the idea that experience of mental illness is not a permanent condition for most people who live with it from time to time).

Arafmi NSW is a community organisation of families’ carers and friends of people living with a mental illness which encourages an active membership from among all of the diverse communities of NSW, which is informed by their experiences and provides support, education and advocacy in order to help them effectively fulfil their caring role.

Our vision is for a community that understands and responds to the impact of mental illness on families and carers and the many people who are living with a mental illness.

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WELLNESS WALK: Regular Giving – Arafmi NSW participated in the 2015 Wellness Walk and helped to raise money and awareness for mental health in NSW. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us. You can still support ARAFMI NSW – Mental Health Carers in an ongoing manner by donating monthly. Click the link above to set up a regular donation via credit card on a date and frequency that suits you. You can manage your regular giving from myaccount including stopping at any time.